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General Questions

What type of Certification does NESC offer?

Upon successful completion of training and assessments, students will be awarded one or more of the following certification:

  • Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ) Certificate or Unit Award
  • NESC Certificate of Completion
  • Relevant American Welding Society Code (For Welding Trainees Only)
  • AIT certification ( for AST / HET Trainees Only)

Will I be placed in a job after I complete my course?

NESC’s Placement Department assists all successful graduates in obtaining job placement. While the placement department does not guarantee placement, every effort will be made to find an attachment for trainees. NESC will not be held responsible if placement is not found.

What is the stipend rate?

The stipend rate is determined by the Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education and is  dependent on the level of the training programme. The current rates (as at February 2011) are between $60 and $80 per day.

Are all the programs offered by NESC stipend approved?

Stipend approved courses are determined by the Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education.  For more information please contact NESC Head Office at 636-8315 or visit any of our 9 locations nationwide.

What is the duration of the training period for each programme?

The length of NESC courses varies between 1 month to 4 years. The details of the training period for specific programs can be found in the Programmes section of the website.

  • Apprenticeship – Apprenticeship courses are between 3-4 years in duration and are designed to provide sustainable employment opportunities and to address the in-plant i.e. maintenance and operations requirements of the energy sector. Apprenticeship is post secondary training in which a student (apprentice) learns the practical and technical aspects of a trade through a combination of on-the-job training and work experience (80% of the learning) and technical training (20% of the learning).
  • Industry specific – With the exception of the Construction Equipment Operator course, Industry Specific courses are normally ten (10) months in duration. They are NESC’s traditional training offerings and are designed to address primarily the construction manpower requirements of the Energy Sector.
  • Customized Training: Customized training is designed to satisfy the specific needs of our clients in the industrial sector. The NESC works closely with clients to determine their needs and to develop an appropriate training solution for their workforce
  • Information Communication Technology – ICT courses are usually 30 contact hours and runs every 2 weeks

Where are NESC campuses located?

There are 9 NESC centres located throughout Trinidad & Tobago. They are:


  • Laventille Technology & Continuing Education Centre
    Easten Main Road, Laventille
    Tel: 625-1240


  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, Point Lisas
    Cor. Rivulet & Southern Main Roads, Point Lisas, Couva
    Tel: 636-8315


  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, La Brea
    Old Government School Compound, Vessigny
  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, Ste. Madeleine
    Naparima / Mayaro Road, Ste. Madeleine
    Tel: 698-2537
  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, Point Fortin
    Cor. Richardson & Volunteer Road, Point Fortin
    Tel: 648-2575
  • Debe Campus
    S.S. Erin Road, Debe
    Tel: 647-8810

South East

  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, Mayaro
    Plaisance Road, Mayaro
    Tel: 630-1537
  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, Moruga
    Moruga Composite School, Basse Terre, Moruga
    Tel: 372-1803


  • NESC Skills and Technology Centre, Tobago
    Cow Farm Road, Goldsborough, Tobago
    Tel: 660-5700

Fees and Payments

What is the overall cost for an NESC programme?

Students are required to pay a registration fee prior to commencing training. These fees include:

  • Industry Specific Courses – Between $750.00 and $1000.00
  • Apprenticeship – $1000.00 per year
  • Information Communication Technology:
    • Level I – $200.00
    • Level II -$500.00

Additional fees a trainee will have to incur include:

  • Drug test
  • Coverall and steel tip boots
  • Apprenticeship examination and application fee

Note: Fees that are payable to the NESC can be paid at any of the RBTT branches located nationwide.

Application Process

How do I enroll in an NESC course?

  • Step 1: Complete and submit an application form. Applications forms can be collected and returned at any of our 9 NESC centres
  • Step 2: Applicants will be required to undergo an aptitude test and interview
  • Step 3: Successful applicants are required to undergo a drug test
  • Step 4: Subsequent to a successful drug test, applicants can make payments to any RBTT branch
  • Step 5: Enrollment- the applicant now becomes an NESC student

What are the entry requirements into an NESC’s programme?

The following are the entry requirements into NESC’s programmes:

  • Applicants must be 17 years or older
  • Applicants must have completed secondary school. Apprenticeship programmes require a minimum of 3 CXC passes or equivalent qualifications
  • Applicants must be successful in the aptitude test and interview
  • Applicants must be drug free

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